Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's On My Mind

Well. I was going to write about all the fun times so far this summer but i would have to download a bunch of pictures but im to lazy... haha im not a good blogger. :) So... im just writing about my life right now and what i want to do with it. Well... School starts again soon and I'm soooo not ready. I hate HATE school, but i will be a senior so that will be pretty nice. I think why I dont want tofk to school (other than doing work) is the people. I hate people. haha There is this girl in my grade... im not going to say who.... because i have really bad luck. haha but she is the girl that will go out every weekendwind get drunk and then sleep with a guy then the next day at school telling everyone she walks into about it. AKA NOT a good example to me. So this year I decided to just no even talk to her and try to haha just not be around her, but that is pretty hard to say since i have no other friends then the people I sit with at lunch. AND on top of this my really really good friend that I love soo much is moving. this sucks. I'm goinonto be so alone, but then at EFY (will talk about soon) I was taking a class over the atonement and the teacher said something that I will always rememonr. He said to all of you that think your all alone and have no one, u have Jesus, that will always be there for you and that Jesus know all those feelings. He could not comfort himself when he was on the cross, his father left him and Jesus had no one, so if your ever alone, your not because Jesus is ALWAYS there for you, to be your constant companion. After he said this, it was like everything just mad sence and that it going to be okay during the school year, and I was so fulled with y and that I started crying... of course (you will learn that I cry a lot haha) anyways... sooo yea im really really nervous for school to start back again. Well I should be babysitting soo.. I should go! until next time! :)
P.S.- idk how to fix some of my mistakes because it deletes other word if I try to fix it.... SORRY! if you have any questions write me a comment! ... but then again, I only have one follower. haha im working on it. ;)


  1. Well, I am glad to see you learned so much at EFY. :) That is a great you learned so early that Jesus Christ will never leave you. Youre amazing. You can do anything you put your mind to. Youll make it through your senior year. :)

  2. Heyy hope yuo dont mind that I found your blog................... love u!!